It was the story of March 4, 2013, while the reporters of the daily newspaper happened to figure out the secret love affair the couple was having.

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Their relationship was made public around March of last year, and the couple did not release any comments but were reportedly doing really well.

They started realizing that they were heading towards different paths once they became busier with their work a few months later, which led to them agreeing mutually to end their relationship.

Masami Nagasawa (26) and Yusuke Iseya (37) have gone their separate ways just recently, according to a common friend who responded to Sports Hochi's interview.

The couple held discussions for many months and finally decided to put an end to their relationship of one and a half years.

After the public announcement made by the media what has the couple or their agencies had to say about the revealed affair? When Sports Hochi became the first media outlet on March 4 to announce their relationship, several other media and tabloids also covered their story and pretty much all the media exposed Masami and Yusuke's dating profile by March 5, 2013.

For the greatest Japanese stars to be in a relation is a great deal for the people, and the agencies should handle the matter with caution.

So their respective agencies did not quite react on the couple's affair news in the first place, nor they denied the rumor, so it seemed like they were just hiding the truth the media had captured. The actress's agency clarified the media about not speaking of her personal matters on her behalf.

Similarly, actor's agency had the same kind of story and refused to talk to the press.

Whereas, Yusuke is 41-years-old Japanese actor, director, artist, and businessman. Now let's get to know how this couple met each other and how they fell in love.

The daily newspaper Sports Hochi is the first media to speculate the possible relationship between Masami and Yusuke.

He was half-baked in mostly everything apart from attending an art school, but kept on appearing on the media and for some reason gets to devour all these actresses.