If you are insistent on being able to continue to play without the patch (e.g., to retain your ability to clone and use other exploits), it may be possible to simply decline the patch.

It is also possible to remove the patch if you ever feel the need to.

To do this, first open the "System" blade in the Xbox 360 dashboard, then go to memory, and press Y on the hard drive to open the "Device Options" menu.

Use Xbox 360 Smart Glass to enhance your entertainment on Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 Smart Glass lets your device work with your Xbox 360 console to bring rich, interactive experiences and unique content about what you’re watching or playing, right to the device that’s already in your hand.

Some of the PC features that are not available on Xbox 360 (or PS3) are: One problem specific to the Xbox 360 is that the cached game data can become fragmented, leading to a gradual deterioration of game performance, including lagging and screen freezes.

To fix this problem, you need to press and hold the A button on the controller while the game is first loading (up until the "Bethesda Softworks" logo appears).However, not all your 360 games will run on the latest console.When backwards compatibility was added in 2015, there were only 104 Xbox 360 games that would work on the Xbox One.Microsoft updated its Xbox One console in 2016, with the Xbox One S now coming with support for 4K Blu-rays, and a much slimmer design.But despite the shiny new update, the console still isn’t without its problems.For more information, see Oblivion-Fragmented-Cache-Data-Fix. If you are connected to Xbox LIVE, your Xbox 360 will automatically prompt you to install the patch by telling you that "an update is available for this game".