" Lumpy Hannah Horvath landed a chiseled doctor for two days of wining, dining and nude ping-pong playing in a luxe brownstone and the Internet exploded.Following the latest episode of Lena Dunham's cultural pot-stirrer , critics couldn't seem to digest that a girl like Hannah, dimpled and ghost-pale, would ever score a good-looking, high-status male like Dr. Never mind that it's comedy – Slate's David Haglund accused Dunham of piling "implausibility upon implausibility," while his colleague Daniel Engber complained: "The whole thing left me baffled and uncomfortable.

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Gillian Waxer experienced running commentary when she dated a short, beer-gut-bearing guy, who is now an ex.

"He wasn't physically my normal type," said Waxer, a 27-year-old Toronto student.

Why are these people having sex, when they are so clearly mismatched?

" , mused that the entire episode was little-girl fantasy.

Anyone, no matter where you live, can find a location where people gather: join a club, take a class, volunteer in your community.

But once you’re in a room utter of people, then what?Just as good looks can help secure status and money, female attractiveness apparently allows more control within romantic liaisons.In the "young adult premarital dating market," the math is ugly.There are many self-help books and websites available to help you.describes shyness as “a set of learned behaviors that interfere with relating to people or having successful relationships.” Just as you learned to be bashful, you can also learn behaviors that permit you to become more “outgoing.” If you feel this is an terrific problem for you, you might want to consult a physician or counselor as you may have a condition referred to as social anxiety disorder."The idea that an unattractive woman could be getting laid is shocking on a media level, but we all know that all kinds of people get laid in all kinds of ways, all the time.