So, along with watching the content online, you can also download all the movies on your BIGFlix account through the BIGFlix Download Manager.You will be glad to know that you can free download all the online content from your BIGFlix account with just clicking on the Download button of the BIGFlix Download Manager.

BIGFlix platform provides a way to differentiate the movies you watched already or those which you were watching and left in between.

You can find all these stuff in Continue Watching section of the interface.

It may cause you spend a lot more on your internet data monthly plan as well.

The only best thing about this platform is that the number of movies you are going to watch is unlimited over a stipulated subscription period.

When you do the BIGFlix subscription you are initially charged INR 1 for one month and thereafter the monthly amount is deducted automatically from your credit card.

The BIGFlix subscription process is quite easy, you can even directly sign up with your Google or Facebook account.You can watch a 10-minute preview of some films for free without registration, and you can continue watching for free after registration.As soon you log into your BIGFlix account, you will find movies being made available in several local languages.The best part is if you are watching a movie on one platform you can resume and access it later on another platform as well.Once you register yourself and choose the desired plan, you can access movies using the account through any of these device platforms.The 7-day trial plan is available for Rs 99, one month popular plan for Rs 249, 3 months economy plan for Rs 599 and six months super saver plan costs Rs 999.