Even then, many people don't recognize it's their state of mind that prevents them from making connections.JK: One easy way to get people out of their heads and into their dates is to go on a more fun and casual date than dinner.JK: This kind of pressure and intensity sets the date up to disappoint, and often scares the guy away.

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I always suggest doing something more interactive like hiking, mini-golfing, or going to the beach because it allows people to bond and get to know each other and is less pressure than a dinner date.

The most important rule of thumb I stress to my clients is to think of a first date as a chance to make a new friend, and see where it goes from there.

Doing this takes a lot of the pressure off, allows people to be themselves, and paves the way for people to make real connections.

The attitude you go into a date with is everything, it sets the mood for the whole experience.

It's a woman's instinct to want to find her life partner, get married, and settle down.

On the contrary, men are very visual and very physically driven.

Jessie Kay Kravik is a Los Angeles-based matchmaker and founder of The Real

She boasts 18 years of experience in the business of love, creating hundreds of relationships and many marriages.

It allows you to view a multitude of profiles and pre-screen people to see if they are worth meeting.