It’s important to understand that WDS is just a server role, MDT is the scripts and GUI, and ADK is just the tools.

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Unless you specify in MDT to look for a WSUS server, you’re going to be pulling from Microsoft’s Windows Update servers.

As far as speeding this up, yes, you could inject the post Win7 SP1 hotfix rollup from Microsoft or better yet, get a WSUS server setup.

The ONLY thing you need WDS for is for is PXE boot and Multicasting. I have about 50 surface Pro 2 tablets that I would like to clone from a master image that I will make in MDT.

Which most people don’t need unless they’re running hundreds of machines (like I used to do when I worked for a large multinational conglomorate) Instead, just use the ISO that MDT spits out and burn it to CD or configure a USB drive to boot with that ISO. After creating my necessary deployment share drives, how many surfaces can I apply the clone to at once using 1 PC?

We had a “Manager’s bundle” it included the software only supervisors would need.

We had a “call center bundle” for our call center PCs, they come in real handy.In six to nine months this image is horribly out of date, the java is out of date, the adobe is now two or three quarters behind and out of date flash is bad news bears as the hipsters like to say.So ask yourself: Do you want to build a whole new image just because of this or would it be easier to just go into MDT and copy three new msi files to the apps directory in the share?If I disable the Windows Update pre and post application installation the process then is really completed in less than 10 minutes. I can only imagine if you’re missing SP1 and/or the hotfix rollup its going to take even more time, as these patches vary from anywhere to just a few Kb to over ten megs.Some take just a mere second, and some like dotnet framework updates can take several minutes, and when those updates are done, they need updates. When the State Restore phase starts the windows update, it’s calling to a script called ZTIWindows If you don’t have a WSUS server handy, there are a few other steps you could do.