There was a 7per cent fall for Euro Millions with the figure down by £110m to £1.39bn.

Sources at Camelot blamed a series of factors including aggressive marketing from online gambling rivals and other lotteries, plus waning consumer confidence with people managing their spending more carefully.

Stage: Appeared (as "Dennis"; Broadway debut) in "Loot" on Broadway.

In October 2015, Camelot increased the number of balls in the Lotto game from 49 to 59.

This reduced the chance of winning the jackpot from one in 14m to one in 59m.

The fall is bad news for the many good causes that have come to rely on the National Lottery, not least Britain’s Olympians.

The amount of money awarded to good causes in the 2016-17 year was down by some £273m compared to the previous year at £1.628bn, excluding investment returns.

Carl Anthony Payne says the "Martin" show transcends time ... He says Martin 2.0 is long overdue and even makes a strong pitch for Netflix to pick up the show.

and since he's all in for the show making a comeback, there's no better place than Netflix.

We got Martin Lawrence's pal leaving Mastro's on Thursday night and asked him, first and foremost, if the reboot's gonna happen.

Carl dances around the question for a bit before we ask him if he'd be into it.

He’s been at it since 1994 and has a career record of of 35 wins (with 26 KOs) and two losses.