What do you think it is about Britney Spears that really makes her so important to you?

I love Britney; I would not be doing drag if it was not for Britney Spears.

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It's such a unique opportunity that now only one hundred of us have actually had.

There is nothing more exciting than feeling like he took me under his wing and feeling like what I do is enough for the show and having his respect.

I started doing drag in Vegas and I was able to experiment with things, and then having Gaga be one of my characters, I was able to branch out of the box and not just do Britney Spears.

I realized that maybe I was suitable for an actual drag "show" because I sometimes thought people would not think it was the same thing.

Operating out of your comfort zone is many times where you exceed the most also, don't you think? In times that I have had to challenge myself the most, some of my best work has come from that. We have been in the same room plenty of times dating back to "The Tonight Show" and she talked to me on the show, She signed a poster for me, I was at her welcome event in Las Vegas, I was at her "Good Morning America" announcement in the desert in Vegas, and I was there when she had Britney day at the Lync.

If I have to challenge myself in sewing, maybe you can expect a Derrick Barry Couture line in the future! There have been plenty of times I have been next to her or in the background, but have yet to meet her.

One person actually screamed "Jessica" but I didn't stop; I mean, I clearly wasn't Jessica Simpson! You were one of the queens that was long rumored to be joining the cast. As the years went on, I got busy doing things with my own travels, and then I started impersonating Lady Gaga and was following one of her tours around.

I had always thought that this would be the best route for me to take to get more exposure, but in the beginning I would not have had really anything to wear except Britney replicas.

In your intro video and on "Untucked" your mentioned that you're a member of a "trouple" relationship.

Is it hard to have your relationship be something people are talking about? After "America's Got Talent" and they had asked if I was gay, I was concerned about what to say.

I spent the next year experimenting with looks and having fun, and I didn't want anyone to know I auditioned for Season Eight, because for Season Seven, I let everyone know that I was doing it.