At Sharon's house, Mariah entered toting gift bags.

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The little girl insisted that she dreamed of having a loving family including two children, a home, and a dog.

Hilary tried to conceal her true emotions while Devon promised to send Annie toys and a few gifts to give her mom.

Mariah ultimately decided that a puppy didn't fit with Sharon's lifestyle. " Mariah, frustrated, noted that after being married to or dating someone in the Newman family for decades, Sharon already owned plenty of gold. Later, Sharon and Mariah returned home and exchanged gifts. Sharon appeared disappointed when Mariah lifted her gift from a box and cried, "No!

" Mariah explained that she liked the blouse so much she'd chosen the same one as a gift for Sharon.

Hilary cried, "This little girl is me." Devon recalled that Annie was Hilary's given birth name.

Devon wondered aloud how the letter could have reached its destination.Jack accepted Jill's inflated counteroffer for Jabot to buy Chancellor Industries, but she later called off the deal. Faith strongly suggested that Sharon give Mariah a pony. Determined, Sharon maintained hope by proclaiming that she would select the perfect gift like Santa always did. Sharon and Mariah secretly sought gift-buying advice from family members.Devon explained that the goal was to help underprivileged families enduring a tough time during the holidays.Hilary told her audience that she would help Devon share holiday joy. Devon read aloud the next letter Hilary plucked from the pile.Mariah mentioned that she'd refused to wear a snowman costume during the show.