When Tracy eventually found out about the affair, they split once more.

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In 2005, Charlie began a relationship with Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford).

He convinced her to move in with him and later in February 2006, manipulated her into having her daughter Amy (Amber Chadwick) move in with her parents. She pretended to be pregnant and used the money he gave her for an abortion to buy expensive shoes and used her "grief" to have him allow Amy to move back in.

) is a British Prime Time Soap on ITV, which follows the ups and downs in the lives of the residents of a typical working-class street in a Salford, Manchester neighbourhood.

It has been running for a very, very, VERY long time, first airing on 9 December 1960, and will probably keep going until the heat death of the universe.

When Shelley visited before her mother’s marriage to Fred Elliott (John Savident), she and Charlie had a one-night stand.

She told Tracy about their night of passion, who accused her of lying.Curious Americans can watch it on Hulu (or the CBC, if they can receive it).The show is often on about five times a week (as do most British soap operas) and has an omnibus at the end of the week.He claimed that it would be "an emotional day" as he was "very attached to Charlie".He also opined that he was "probably the only person in the country who really likes him!Charlie first appeared, along with another builder, when Mike Baldwin (Johnny Briggs) refused to move his car to allow them to park.