The service here will become part of Crossrail in due course.

The new Crossrail trains are 200 metres long but the platforms 1 and 2 are both shorter at 168 metres and 185 metres long respectively.

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It was built by one builder to an overall plan, with a limited range of house styles giving the area a distinctive character and unity.

The developers were the Corbett family who built several suburban estates including the adjacent Woodgrange Estate in Forest Gate.

The line here is already electrified as it is used when the Southend and Tilbury trains run to and from Liverpool Street rather than Fenchurch Street.

But the trains that stop here have until recently been diesel units running between Gospel Oak and Barking.

I think the station here was rebuilt when the line was first electrified in the late 1940s and the staircases to the platforms look like they date from then as does the bits of tiling on the platform.

If you look closely, you can see how Tf L did not replace the signs when they took over running the trains in 2015.

Stop 3: Manor Park Village So this is Manor Park Village then.

Not a village in the traditional sense but rather it is a “branding” of the Durham Road Conservation Zone.

Architectural commentator Pevsner calls this “A jovial Barque composition … And the date is shown on some interesting stones on this building which indicate that this building harks from 1902, the time of the coronation of King Edward VII.

Sadly this pub is currently closed and has been since 2012.

But there is an additional unnumbered, platform face south of platform 1.