Perhaps he was an aggressive social outcast and wife-beater who lived in a country where it’s easier to buy a gun than good quality cheese.

Perhaps he really have a diagnosable mental illness that affected his perception of reality. But even if it is, that doesn’t mean he or the society that drove him to this atrocity is off the hook.

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The problems that lead to the death of 49 gay people in an Orlando nightclub at the hands of a regular clubber are far bigger than one person’s mind.

The radical preacher, also known as Tarik Ibn Ali, was born in Morocco but moved to Antwerp, Belgium.

Perhaps Omar Mateen was radicalised over the internet by Islamist fundamentalists based in Syria.

Perhaps he was a self-hating gay man raised in a homophobic household.

The martyr will bring them back with him to Paradise.' Leaders: Luce Mosque's president Abdallah Benali (left) and imam Ibrahim Elghoul (right) attend a press conference in Paris after it emerged that one of the Paris attackers visited their establishment Chadlioui left his home in Antwerp, Belgium, in 2010, after the government banned Muslim women from wearing the Niqab headscarf.

He took his family to Egypt and from his base there makes regular trips to Europe.He uprooted his family to Egypt in 2012 after the Belgian government banned Muslim women from wearing the traditional headscarf.'When her soul goes out of her body, she will live as a bird of paradise.On the day of the Resurrection, he will get back the 70 members of his family, who were heading to hell because of their disobedience.Instead, we’ve been treated to a deluge of online armchair psychiatrists declaring that he was “mentally unstable”, “probably mentally unwell” or “showing signs of mental ill health”.If you think people Googling their cold symptoms and becoming convinced they’re dying of cancer is bad, you should see the open-source diagnostic love-in that goes on every time somebody commits a truly atrocious crime.She also said that the final text she received from Mateen — just before he was killed in a shootout with Orlando police inside the nightclub — was a question: Had she seen the news?