When it comes to giving bizarre Christmas gifts to family members, it’s tough to beat the present that “Riverdale” star Cole Sprouse gave to brother Dylan.In a hilarious tweet, Sprouse, 25, shared a photo of a text exchange between himself and his brother (with whom he starred in the Disney Channel hit “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”), along with a photo of the gift.

They portrayed high school sweethearts on the popular television show Riverdale.

But Cole Sprouse, 25, and Lili Reinhart, 21, brought their love off-screen and to the beach while on vacation in Hawaii on Friday afternoon.

stars Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse are dating IRL.

The evidence to support this theory is thin, but it certainly exists.

However, a fan account caught the two of them having a slight—and we mean slight—interaction.

After the cast finished playing a round of Fallon's game Search Party, which is essentially it looks like Sprouse walks over and embraces Reinhart—but it cuts to commercial before we get visual confirmation.

But there's a rumor he's dating his co-star Lili Reinhart (who plays Betty).

People reports, "Reinhart was spotted wearing Sprouse's maroon blazer at Shoutout to this publisher for using my face as the love interest of a romance.

"But in more recent years, Archie comics have tried to stray away from the 'golly, shucks Arch, let’s go to the sock hop' thing."13. He eavesdrops, he listens, he’s the guy with the camera, snooping, sleuthing, and in that way, he’s distanced himself from a lot of the people in the town, through his own fear of being vulnerable and his inability to cope with people." Honestly, the role is a perfect fit for him. "[I think I would have seen] that long-lived, childlike romance from two people knowing each other since youth as probably quite romantic.

I am a sucker for that childhood romance narrative."15.

It happened last night on Sprouse and Reinhart were noticeably kept apart during the entire taping.