Many wore red lapel pins in solidarity.) The women were supporting the Time’s Up campaign, which since Jan.

1 has raised million for its Legal Defense Fund.

In December 2000, Kelly landed a role in the play Eye Contact in which she played a stripper.

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Sunday night’s red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards made a powerful statement, with many of Hollywood’s most powerful ladies donning all black.

(Men joined in, as well, choosing black shirts instead of white to go with their tuxes.

Here's @Debra Messing being the MESSINGEST (compliment! for the @IAm Catt Sadler equal pay disaster on the #ERed Carpet. Women are just as valuable as men.” Black may sound boring, but the actresses were creative in their glittery interpretations of protest.

#Golden Globes Og — Kate Aurthur (@Kate Aurthur) January 7, 2018 “I was so shocked to hear that E!

Michelle Williams arrives with #Me Too founder @Tarana Burke in the first appearance of many expected actress-activist pairings on the #Golden Globes red carpet. “It’s important to me to stand with all the women who are coming forward to stand up to sexual harassment and abuse,” Brie told E! “I’m in awe of their bravery.” Kerry Washington in black @prabalgurung, a designer who truly steps up for women, diversity, human rights. Do Jv R Fj9 — THE FASHION LAW (@The Fashion Law) January 7, 2018 “There's no prerequisite to worthiness. The women who are still in silence because of trauma, because of shame due to assault, they need to understand it's not their fault,” Viola Davis at the #Golden Globes #Times Up B5u Cu Djpv — Shannon Watts (@shannonrwatts) January 8, 2018 We’ve come to expect Viola Davis to look phenomenal on the red carpet.

Story: CNw5sr9 Full awards coverage: VS07e V0 — AP Entertainment (@APEntertainment) January 7, 2018 “I mean, it is deeply humbling. It’s a collision of these two worlds, a collaboration between these two worlds that you don’t see too often together, but are pitted against each other.” Meryl Streep, in a deep, off-the-shoulder gown and black glasses, looked very Miranda Priestly, her character in . And Sunday night’s slinky velvet number was far from a disappointment, but it paled in comparison to the bombastic message of beauty her Afro sent. Alexis Bledel appeared as if she’d wrapped her black-and-white color-blocked ensemble with a vine. Her cigarette pants, however, kept her look current and on the right side of trendy.

In January 1999, Kelly made headlines for landing the high profile position of co-host on popular live morning show The Big Breakfast.

The show gave her the household recognition she craved, but she failed to connect with the audience as her predecessor had.

Even those who weren’t convinced of her massive sex appeal converted to the other side after her show-stopping appearance in a Julien Mac Donald dress at the London premiere of Snatch alongside then-boyfriend Jason Statham.

And to prove just how sexy Kelly Brook really is, Ask’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women list ranked her at No.

Now who needs an acting career when you’ve got all that?