Best known for her portrayal of Louisa von Trapp, the second oldest daughter in the 1965 classic "The Sound of Music," Heather Menzies-Urich died on Dec. "She was not in any pain but, nearly four weeks after her diagnosis of terminal brain cancer, she had enough and took her last breath on this earth at p.m." Reggie Ossé, the host of the "Combat Jack Show" podcast, died on Dec. The hip-hop lawyer, with high-profile clients including Jay-Z and Sean Combs, highlighted his love of the artistic side of music with his podcast, also a magnet for luminaries in rap. The actor was known best for his recurring role on "The Andy Griffith Show" in the 1960s and later for "Gomer Pyle, U. A depression-era farm boy, his passion for acting changed the course of our family history. Rance was known best for his roles in "Apollo 13" and "A Beautiful Mind." David Cassidy, the singer and actor who became a teen heartthrob after starring in "The Partridge Family" in the 1970s, died Nov. Singer Della Reese, who starred as Tess on "Touched By an Angel," died on Nov. After spending nearly a half-century in prison, Charles Manson died of natural causes on Nov.

19, 2017, according to the California Department of Corrections. Manson was known as the cult leader behind several killings in Southern California carried out by his followers in the '60s.

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Leslie Dixon, who wrote the screenplay for the Bradley Cooper movie "Limitless," said she endured Fields' unwanted touching and lascivious language during on-set production of the 2010 flick.

Dixon said she finally had enough one day when, Fields, 62, suggested she needed a sex toy. But no one inside Relativity wanted to be the one to call (former Relativity CEO) Ryan Kavanaugh.

"We were all working late nights, and he would rub the shoulders of a young executive and kiss her," the second male staffer reportedly said. He would talk about his sexual exploits in front of everyone, including women. This is an obvious attempt by some at Relativity to intimidate Mr.

He would show photos of nude women on his phone in front of women, who were all aghast." Fields denied the claims in a statement from his lawyer. Fields and destroy his reputation," the statement to THR said.

Charlie Rose accused of sexual harassment by eight women "At first, he would just be sly about (it) and say, 'I can really move you up the ranks if you want to be in this movie business,'" Philipian told THR. And then, it was a couple of weeks before I left, he came to me and basically told me if I went to his house and had sex with him, I could be moved up high at Relativity. Philipian said she didn't report the incident at the time because she "loved" her job and didn't want to jeopardize her standing in the company.

"He was one of my bosses, and I didn't want to rock the boat.He also starred in the 1982 movie "The King of Comedy" and 1996's "Sleepers." Singer Tom Petty died on Monday, Oct.2, 2017, at age 66, his long-time manager, Tony Dimitriades, said in a statement."Veronica Mars" actor Brad Bufanda committed suicide on Nov.1, 2017, in California, his manager Kirsten Solem said. "We are completely devastated for he was an extremely talented young actor and wonderful, caring human being," Solem said in a statement."He was reviving his career, having just completed two movies, and we are shocked and saddened by his passing.