Cathleen Falsani is a self-acknowledged expert about Bieber, and has written a book about Bieber's Christian faith titled Belieber! Most of the academic research being done about Bieber fans focuses on white people, with little research being done about Bieber's non-white fans.

Bieber's management team makes an effort to mobilize and coordinate Bieber's fans into taking actions related to Bieber, like skipping school to greet Bieber at the airport.

I Don't Know How She Does It has a character portrayed by Olivia Munn saying that Bieber's birth to a teenage mother was a "billion-dollar mistake." Fans attacked Munn for this line. Celebrity Beliebers include Olivia Munn, Kim Kardashian, Andrea Bargnani, and De Mar De Rozan.

Some of his fans have expressed an interest in having sex with him, and there are documented cases of fans asking the media to pass along messages to Bieber suggesting this.

There was a situation in the fandom where a fan tried gain access to Bieber for this reason by claiming she was Bieber's personal stripper.

When Bieber announced he was taking a break from Twitter, his fans tweeted supportive messages to him.

Twitter changed their algorithm to remove persistently trending topics from the list, including Bieber.

Fans will also express their love of Bieber by sending him messages on social networking sites like Twitter.

Fans may have shrines dedicated to Bieber in their bedroom.

A contest was run on Twitter which included several celebrities that enabled fans to gain access to behind the scenes footage and purchase tickets to the Bieber movie before others.

Pre-teen Bieber fans sometimes coordinate on social media services to gather at a mall and "buy their entire stock of Bieber paraphernalia to donate to charity." One such buyout was organised by a 13 year old and 14 year old in Indiana.

Bieber's popularity is a result of the Internet, with a large segment of the fan community actively continuing to use it to communicate with their fellow fans.

Bieber fans utilise online social networks as a way of not just connecting with Bieber and Bieber related information but as a way to interact with other like minded fans.

Most of the anti-Spalding activity took place on Twitter and Facebook. Low Bi-Anne, who was part of a nationally publicised custody case, was given the opportunity to meet Bieber when he was in the country courteous of the concert organisers.