She didn't know why, but just seeing them cuddle so close made her feel... She just kept her glare, standing there for a few seconds and observing how they didn't even hear the small the small bell had ranged when she entered as her purse slightly swung.

Her nose crinkled as she slightly shook her head to herself and walked away, slowly without harming anyone.

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She brushed her skirt and shrugged at the warm eyes that were staring at her, but they were the good kind of chills.

The meatball-like eyes were giving her a good stare, and she wanted to smile, but then she'll be considered a nub. If she thinks about it, isn't she already a nub for falling for one? Instead she narrowed her eyes, interrupting his thought and asked, "What, nub?

Without ruining the moment that was forming, even though she had a huge urge to rush back in as she walked out and pull them apart with her filed nails when she looked in from the transparent glass door. The way Benson enjoyed it made her heart sink made her want to vomit her organs out.

It just wasn't fun to watch, so she just walked as far as possible that she could get (forcing herself not to replay the scene she had just witnessed).

She'd known him all her life, but to the point where she actually loves him, she doesn't think so.

It hurts, that he likes someone who isn't her, but not to point where she'll stop living because of him.

She wanted to smile, but wondered if he could see her."Sam?

" He yelled once more, earning life-threatens from neighbors-causing the blonde to blurt out a small chuckle that actually made her cheekbones pop.

She didn't know what stopped her, but the way his hands were gently holding her back and her head was resting on his shoulder just made her want to run away from them. ' She couldn't see their face, but she could bet you her whole one year supply of ham without a fear, because she knows that they're actually having a good time.