I’ve tried Tinder, Hinge, JDate—even one app that’s exclusive to vegetarians.

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Weirdly specific dating sites video

From meeting your soulmate based on your preferred burrito fixings (yes, this exists) to hooking you (and your dog) up with the cutest canine owner, click through the gallery below for the best in the weirdest dating apps we’ve come across.

Tastebuds Have you ever found yourself wanting to go to a concert, but not wanting to go alone?

Technology has made our lives exponentially easier: we’re constantly updated on breaking news, and we can shop for last-minute necessities without leaving the comfort of our own beds.

Hell, we’re even able to find true love via smartphone, thanks to the ever-growing list of dating apps available (even celebrities use them! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’re pretty much aware of the phenomenon that is Tinder, but newsflash people: there are so many more apps that are tailored to find your perfect match.

Date British Guys offers Anglophile ladies the chance to find love with their "very own David Beckham, Hugh Grant, Orlando Bloom, Jude Law, Sean Connery, Prince Harry"... Single British expats in the USA face a specific challenge in the amour department.

We enjoy all these Americans smitten by our perceived class and sexy British accent.

Somewhere—perhaps squeezed between my desire to adopt a less pizza-centric diet and my plan to finally meet with a financial adviser about my nonexistent retirement fund—is the resolution to take my love life more seriously.

I have downloaded and deleted dating apps on my phone more times than I, or Siri, could tell you.

This dating website has one main rule: The guy pays. Align lets you build your profile with sign-specific traits and emoijis and then does the matching for you, so that you’re paired with someone "the stars” (plus an algorithm or two) say you should date.7.