Today, it’s only in very rural parts of Turkey that this tradition prevails, and most couples meet the same way the rest of us do - through friends or online.However, it’s rare for a couple to get engaged without the blessing of both families.

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Generally, Turkish tradition dictates that the groom’s family will search for a suitable wife, starting with their family and friendship circles.

Once a woman is selected, the potential bride and her family decide whether to accept.

Sometimes, children follow the cars or even sit in front of them, waiting for the passengers to hand out envelopes of money.

At the wedding, you’ll be expected to pin money onto the bride’s dress when its your turn to offer congratulations.

While they wait, the women sing songs - some sad, as the bride will be leaving home, and some upbeat, celebrating the couple’s love.

Two nights before the wedding there’s often a wedding party held in the bride’s Turkish home, especially when the couple are from two different villages or regions of Turkey.

The build up to a Turkish wedding is just as important as the ceremony, however.

Three nights before the wedding, the women gather together for the henna evening.

It's rare to find a singleton in the city who's not swiping away on Tinder, or spending their free time perusing dating sites.