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The ancient red dragon has been kidnapped and forced to fight against the emperor's enemies! Prepare an honorable assortment of delicious sushi as fast and precisely as you can in this fun, traditional food preparatio... Fly to Japan to take down an international crime syndicate that's been causing trouble for your employer.

There were some recent incidents that compelled me to write about it today.

The first involved a law enforcement request seeking assistance in analyzing a gaming console taken by a parole officer from a sex offender.

Of course, the Internet being the Internet, you still had your handful of dudes tweeting stuff along the lines of: "Cupping? Sounds kinky." Not so much because most of the people you come across on social media think like they're 15 (I'd estimate maybe 35 percent do), but because the sex lives of Olympians is a topic that fascinates all of us, from the dude who will take any opportunity to post a Crying Jordan to armchair anthropologists who want to explore the deeper meaning behind whatever kind of things might be going on in Rio between consenting athletes.

While there's no way of actually knowing how much sex is actually taking place in and around the Olympic Village, one thing is for sure: There are tons of really good-looking people in one place right now.

The summer Olympics, more than the winter counterpart, is usually set in a more exotic location (Barcelona, Sydney, etc.), where there's sun, water and warmth.

Sure, people may have been looking for a body to keep them warm in Sochi, but people are looking to party in Rio.

There are gorgeous locals, tourists looking for a good time, But just how many dongs will go into places where a condom is necessary?

The IOC estimated it at somewhere around 450,000, so they ordered up that many condoms, and have people like Eric going around the games just handing out rubbers, wishing people a pleasant evening, and going on his way.

Gather your air force, sumo wrestlers and mechanized monsters to turn them to rubble while expending as few resources as pos...