Application object and replace them with invisibility lines: Notice that you want to put the Word. Visible = True line in an error-handler or in a spot where you know it will be run if something goes awry. (If you do get stuck with an invisible Word in the middle of a crash, you can launch the Task Manager and kill the WINWORD.EXE process.) How much of a difference does invisibility make?

vba screenupdating not working-2

In this section we will be completing this project order and Inventory Management with Userforms. Advanced Filter Action:=xl Filter Copy, _ Criteria Range:=Sheet1. Enable Selection = xl Unlocked Cells Next ws End Sub Sub Unprotect_All() Dim I On Error Resume Next For I = 1 To Sheets. Unprotect Password:="Online" Next I On Error Go To 0 End Sub Private Sub Workbook_Open() On Error Resume Next Sheet1. Make sure that you check this because from now on every time you run an advanced filter your workbook will be protected and every time you open the workbook it will be protected.

Before we run the advanced filters we need to set up some data validation. Select Protect_All On Error Go To 0 Exit Sub Adv Stock_Error: Msg Box "Error " & Err. Description & ") in procedure Adv Stock of Module Filters" End Sub Please note that this code calls to macros called Unprotect_all and Protect_all '————————————————————————————— ' Procedure : Adv Reorder ' Author : Trevor ' Date : 22/06/2013 ' Purpose : '————————————————————————————— ' Sub Adv Reorder() On Error Go To Adv Reorder_Error Application. Advanced filters cannot be run on protected workbook so we need to add the code to unprotect them run the filter and then re-protect them after the event.

You can verify this by launching Word the old-fashioned way and opening File1 at the bottom of the File menu after running the sample code.

Although it would be difficult to do an exhaustive test, in theory this should work from any Automation client-Visual Basic, Excel, Power Point, or any other.

The template for order and inventory management is available for download below and all of the code will be included in the article.

To help with the learning process I have added videos to show the steps involved.

Thanks vicber ******** ******************** ************************************************************************ Thanks Juan Pablo Gonzlez for your answer, actually, my ultimate goal here is to get these data's in a WS that I want to send by e-mail; thus I have a macro that send this specific WS, and I would like the same macro copying/pasting before generating the e-mail Too much?

Select End Sub *********************************************** I next will need to copy/paste the cells in column B that are formatted into cell C7 and downwards in another sheet I already got some VBA tricks from this board, but none is working, how could I make it work?

The code needs to open another file in the Compare folder on the user's desktop.

There will only be one file in the folder, and it will be 2003 format, not 2007.

Add data validation to the category drop-down list and use the dynamic named range “Category” Add data validation to the products drop-down list and use the formula that you see below on the worksheet for the source. $D Dynamic named range Cat_Validation =OFFSET(Products! Please note that this code calls to macros called Unprotect_all and Protect_all '————————————————————————————— ' Procedure : Adv Stock ' Author : Trevor ' Date : 22/06/2013 ' Purpose : '————————————————————————————— ' Sub Adv Stock() On Error Go To Adv Stock_Error Application. Please let me know your thoughts as to how you got on and any suggestions you might have.