Dim schema Collection As Xml Schema Collection = New Xml Schema Collection() schema Collection. Add(" " Dim schema As Xml Schema For Each schema in schema Collection Console. Target Namespace) Next Xml Schema Collection schema Collection = new Xml Schema Collection(); schema Collection. Add(" " foreach(Xml Schema schema in schema Collection) Dim schema Set As Xml Schema Set = New Xml Schema Set() schema Set. The target namespace URI can either be specified as a parameter to the Add method or if no target namespace is specified, the Xml Schema Set uses the target namespace defined in the schema.

Schemas are retrieved from an Xml Schema Set using the Schemas property of the Xml Schema Set.

Because Xml Data Document implements the IXPath Navigable interface, it can also be used as the source document for the Xsl Transform class.

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An XML Schema must reference the W3C Schema namespace in its schema element. Xml Schema Collection can be used by Xml Validating Reader for efficient data validation.

Describes the Xml Schema Set, a cache where XML Schema definition language (XSD) schemas can be stored and validated.

The following example illustrates reprocessing a schema added to the Xml Schema Set using the Reprocess method. Reprocess(schema) Xml Schema Set schema Set = new Xml Schema Set(); Xml Schema schema = schema Set. Compile(); Xml Schema Element element = new Xml Schema Element(); schema. You can use the Contains method of the Xml Schema Set to check if a schema is contained within an Xml Schema Set.

After the Xml Schema Set is compiled using the Compile method, and the schema added to the Xml Schema Set is modified, the Is Compiled property is set to Dim schema Set As Xml Schema Set = New Xml Schema Set() Dim schema As Xml Schema = schema Set. Compile() Dim element As Xml Schema Element = New Xml Schema Element() schema. The Contains method takes either a target namespace or an Xml Schema object to check for. For more information about checking for a schema, see the Contains method reference documentation. Schemas()) For more information about removing schemas from an Xml Schema Set, see the Remove and Remove Recursive methods reference documentation.

Any changes made to the Xml Data Document are reflected in the Data Set and vice versa.

To load a Data Set with XML data, use Read Xml Schema to build a relational mapping.

The Xml Schema Set is a cache where XML Schema definition language (XSD) schemas can be stored and validated. Xml version 1.0, XML schemas were loaded into an Xml Schema Collection class as a library of schemas. Xml version 2.0, the Xml Validating Reader and the Xml Schema Collection classes are obsolete, and have been replaced by the Create methods, and the Xml Schema Set class respectively.

The Xml Schema Set has been introduced to fix a number of issues including standards compatibility, performance, and the obsolete Microsoft XML-Data Reduced (XDR) schema format.

The following is a comparison between the Xml Schema Collection class and the Xml Schema Set class.

Compiled schemas generate a single logical schema, a "set" of schemas.

Schemas are loaded using the Add method, at which time the schema is associated with a namespace Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).