On all hosts where I changed the "hostname" attribute, the "hostname" attribute is updated on every row except on the "SNMP - Interface Statistics" rows.

"SNMP - Interface Statistics" rows still have reference to the old "hostname".

First, as always before any major change to the firewall, make sure there is a good, up-to-date backup.

Visit Diagnostics Backup/Restore and download a backup of the firewall configuration (config.xml).

So I created a new host and I tried to understand where are the differences between the two hosts in the database. If I try this query on "old devices": SELECT data_input_data.value from data_input_data JOIN data_input_fields ON data_input_data.data_input_field_id = data_input_JOIN data_template_data ON data_input_data.data_template_data_id = data_template_JOIN data_local ON data_template_data.local_data_id = data_WHERE data_template_data.data_template_id=41 and data_input_fields.data_name='management_ip' and data_local.host_id='479'; I get this output: ------------ | value | ------------ | old_address | | old_address | ------------ The same query on new devices, I get no output.

If I modify the hostname of the "old device", the query still returns the old_address.

The SNMP power driver enables control of power distribution units of the type frequently found in data centre racks.

PDUs frequently have a management ethernet interface and SNMP support enabling control of the power outlets.The E-MICRO-T features an integrated temperature sensor, two RJ45 sensor ports for external temperature/humidity sensors, and two dry contact inputs.The E-MICRO-TRHP features an integrated temperature/humidity sensor, two RJ45 sensor ports for external temperature/humidity sensors, two dry contact inputs and built-in Power over Ethernet (Po E).The problem is only present on devices that where present on the old 0.8.7g installation.If I create a new device (same configuration of an old one) and I change the "hostname" attribute, the modification is immediately propagated to the poller_item table on all rows.Other data sources in realtime graph view are correctly reached using the new hostname.