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SS Brandon Mc Gowan – Bears – 82 to 78 – Lost his starting job at the end of the preseason.

WR Earl Bennett – Bears – 79 to 76 – Looked shaky in his first NFL training camp.

DT Jason Jones – Titans – 72 to 74 – Made a couple plays in the preseason.

Playing defensive tackle after being drafted playing end in college.

This walkthrough will show you how to update your roster on Xbox Live so your copy of Madden is always up to date!

EA Sports updated Madden NFL 12 roster according to the start of the regular season.

If you’re getting excited about the start of the NFL football season, then you’re probably going to want to grab the Madden NFL 09 roster update that EA just released.

It will bring your rosters up to date, adjust some player ratings due to performance in the preseason, and bench the players that are out for the season on injuries.

The second roster update for Madden 09 is scheduled to release tomorrow for both the 360 and PS3.

There are some ratings adjustments involved but this update is predominantly transaction based.

LB Lawrence Timmons – Steelers – 78 to 80 – A budding star for the Steelers. LB La Marr Woodley – Steelers – 79 to 82 – Would be shocking if this guy wasn’t north of 8-9 sacks this season.