NET MVC 4 applications using the Entity Framework 5 Code First and Visual Studio 2012.

For information about the tutorial series, see the first tutorial in the series.

You'll change the Search button to use query strings for filter criteria later in the tutorial.

In the Manage Nu Get Packages dialog box, click the Online tab on the left and then enter "paged" in the search box. If the search string is changed during paging, the page has to be reset to 1, because the new filter can result in different data to display.

The search string is changed when a value is entered in the text box and the submit button is pressed.

Therefore the code in the example (putting the Run the page, enter a search string, and click Search to verify that filtering is working.

Notice the URL doesn't contain the "an" search string, which means that if you bookmark this page, you won't get the filtered list when you use the bookmark.

In that case, the The default Begin Form submits form data with a POST, which means that parameters are passed in the HTTP message body and not in the URL as query strings.

When you specify HTTP GET, the form data is passed in the URL as query strings, which enables users to bookmark the URL.

The column headings are links that the user can click to sort by that column.

Clicking a column heading repeatedly toggles between ascending and descending sort order. The parameter will be a string that's either "Name" or "Date", optionally followed by an underscore and the string "desc" to specify descending order. The first time the Index page is requested, there's no query string.

NET Framework and also a few libraries designed specifically for mobile devices. NET Compact Framework are scaled down to take up less space. NET Compact Framework or later versions installed on your Windows Mobile very much depends on whether you have run any third party software that requires it.

However, the libraries are not exact copies of the . I have a Garmin Nuvi GPS that can help me to locate places when I will be in Europe next month but one thing I don’t like about Garmin Nuvi is I had to type the exact spelling to search for the place. That’s not the end yet because even though it shows version 2 which is probably .

Unlike Google Maps, there are suggestions if I spelled it wrongly. NET Compact Framework version 2, but I don’t know if it is RTM, SP1 or SP2 versions.