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NET, you can perform data access either programmatically or declaratively with out writing single piece of code.

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To perform these data operations, set the appropriate method name and any associated parameters for the operation that you want to perform.

For example, for an update operation set the Update Method property to the name of the business object method that performs updates and adds any required parameters to the Update Parameters collection.

hl=en However, this also requires an Enable Event Validation="false" directive, so it might cause some security issues.

Are there any other options that I might not have considered?

You can perform all common database related tasks like displaying, editing and updating the data with minimum effort. NET 2.0 has got some smart and intelligent new data source controls which can even manipulate specialized data sources like XML files.

Data Source controls are new server controls that performs the core task of connecting to a data source, handles all database related tasks like reading, writing and updating the data.After setting Select Method property, call the Select method which provides programmatic access to business object's method which is set as Select Method property.For best results, set the Data Source ID property of data bound controls which bounds data automatically to the control.You can seamlessly integrate these features into your application with out writing any custom code. This new Data Source control represents a middle-tier business object in a multi-tier application.It acts as a data interface for data bound controls such as Grid View controls. Try, a worldwide community of great developers asking and answering questions 24 hours a day. When I set it to true, I get the following error:"Callbacks are not supported on Command Field when the select button is enabled because other controls on your page that are dependent on the selected value of 'Grid View1' for their rendering will not update in a callback.