This very often results in a 2-10 second hang where the UI is completely frozen.

It eventually wakes up and continues as if nothing had happened. Every so often the hang is much longer, and Windows will flag the Eclipse window as "Not responding".

updating intellisense hang-26

As this happened only on the Vista installations of one particular customer, we assumed that something external like the virus scanner, some Windows or Check Point Device Control security feature or so delays clipboard operations.

For unknown reasons, the problem seems to have stopped some time ago.

Cheers Michael I have a colleague who has observed the same hang behavior in her Eclipse environment.

In her case, she's using XP, but her Eclipse is configured pretty much identical to mine.

This state can last for a minute or more, and again it eventually resumes without any kind of error. Hi We have observed similar - unreproducible - problems when pasting (copying was always fast) and we even once had Visual VM attached to Eclipse during such a blockage.

Result: Eclipse does not produce any load, I/O, GC or so during these annoying breaks.

I am running Eclipse Helios under Windows 7 and I am experiencing frequent periodic hangs.

It seems to happen most of the time just after I select text and issue a "copy" command.

The only additional plugins I have installed are Subeclipe (SVN) and Aptana Studio.

Any idea that could lead to a solution to this problem will be appreciated.

But we have not tracked it down because one day the problems went away and I could therefore be wrong about that. Depending on the editor, more than just text may be placed on the clipboard, and calculating that may take some resources.