But it doesn't understand that because the number is meaningful you want to see it in the other views, so you need to add it manually.In Run the Create page (display the Course Index page and click Create New) and enter data for a new course: Click Create.The user can select or clear check boxes to change course assignments.

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Updating foreign key video

In This code doesn't handle the scenario of one instructor assigned as administrator for multiple departments.

In the last tutorial you'll add code that prevents that scenario from happening.

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The Contoso University sample web application demonstrates how to create ASP.

This code creates an HTML table that has three columns.

In each column is a check box followed by a caption that consists of the course number and title.Normally the scaffolder doesn't scaffold a primary key because the key value is generated by the database and can't be changed and isn't a meaningful value to be displayed to users.For Course entities the scaffolder does include an text box for the attribute means the user should be able enter the primary key value.id) private void Populate Departments Drop Down List(object selected Department = null) This code ensures that when the page is redisplayed to show the error message, whatever department was selected stays selected.The Course views are already scaffolded with drop-down lists for the department field, but you don't want the Department ID caption for this field, so make the following highlighted change to the .Note: The approach taken here to edit instructor course data works well when there is a limited number of courses.