JAWS and NVDA users are likely to experience varying levels of delay when web pages are loading.

The irony is that Firefox Quantum is switching to a multiprocessor methodology to increase speed for its users.

updating firefox-16

An alternative method is to turn off automatic updates.

You will need to do this before the 10 November 2017.

Advanced is further divided into the tabs data choices, network, update and certificates.

The new design will reduce the number of tabs to the following five: general, downloads & links, privacy & security, Firefox account, and updates. This means that some categories, general and privacy & security in particular, will be bigger than before.

We downloaded the beta version of Firefox Quantum, and used it to load Wikipedia’s page on Australia.

NVDA announced the title of the page then a loading message.JAWS and NVDA screen reader users are being advised not to upgrade to Firefox Quantum (version 57) which launches on 14 November 2017.In separate news articles, Freedom Scientific (creators of JAWS) and NV Access (creators of NVDA) have both stated that the experience for screen readers will be compromised if users upgrade to Firefox Quantum.Mozilla is working on an updated version of the preferences in the Firefox web browser to remove inconsistencies and improve the user experience.The Firefox preferences page allows users to modify various important browser settings such as the homepage, update behavior, or search engines.When Mozilla fixes its problems with Firefox Quantum and you want to update to the latest version, you can simply download the latest version of Firefox and install it.