Yesterday, I shared how we planked the walls and ceiling.

Just by doing that, the room looked entirely different.

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For the spacing in between each “box”, I wasn’t overly specific.

I just knew I wanted 4 different “boxes” on the door, so that’s what we went off. Because it’s thinner, it won’t stick up and out of the way too much when she slides the doors.

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I didn’t think she’d have any long term issues with paint scraping, but just to be safe, we primed them…

Once the primer was dry, we began painting them the actual color, Onyx by Benjamin Moore, in a satin finish….You all know I’m a big fan of plank walls, so I was thrilled when my mom chose that element for her office.Before my mom left on vacation, I had mentioned to her that it would be pretty awesome to frame out her existing (old) closet doors.Once we had both doors framed, we filled all of the nail holes and any seems with wall putty.When it was dry, we went back over it with a piece of sand paper until everything was smooth and flush. We decided it probably wouldn’t hurt to prime the doors. Posted in Uncategorized Your garage door takes up a lot of visual space on your house’s façade, so it has a significant impact on the curb appeal of your home.