All the file-format settings you made earlier when importing the file will automatically be applied.

updating dataview-19

Updating dataview video

is the unordered and unfiltered collection of Data Rows extracted according to your query from your database.

The Data View (and you could have more than one) is a filtered and/or ordered view of the same data.

When I add a row to my Data Table, my Data Grid View does not update, until I switch to the other control, and move back to the one with DGV.

I have read some solutions on stack, which basically tell me that i should use Binding Source, but this code: does not work as well.

On my Form I am able to change it's main control with a button.

Both controls are User Control, of which one consists the data Grid View1 Data Grid View.

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It is important to note that the the tab (sheet) that contains the data from the file can ONLY contain these data.