Upgrade: This is the easiest option — simply upgrade.

Install Snow Leopard right on top of your existing Leopard install.

updating computer tiger leopard-18

Not to mention, over time our computers become crud-magnets; collecting up all order of detritus.

Start From Scratch: Here’s what you should do: wipe your drive and start from scratch.

Now the reason we love this process is you loose a lot of the garbage that builds up in systems over time slowing them down.

It also gives you an upgrade process that is completely non-destructive and reversible.

After much despair, head scratching, and a little behind-the-scenes investigation, I discovered that Leopard’s System Image Utility could be wrangled to accomplish my goal. It didn’t allow me to save my workflows after I had carefully set them up, the resulting Net Install sets would often simply not boot computers, and sometimes when they did boot computers they did not work as expected. Before we can understand why this package is our savior, we need to know what it does.

As Greg Neagle mentions in response to a comment I made on his blog, this is a payloadless package that runs a script called it’s doing, and that’s the vitally important Net Info to dslocal account migration.That sounds radical, we know, but we’re such big fans of this option that we actually do this every six-months, wether or not there is an OS upgrade to be performed.You’ll be amazed how snappy your ‘old’ Mac is when it’s starting on a pristine new disk.I knew that by the time Apple got around to releasing an update that made Leopard work well with AD, the number of requests would have increased significantly.I needed to have a method of handling them in a timely manner.So it’s really up to the end users, either save money and upgrade directly, or go the other route and you’ll be out 0.