Human beings have always craved connection so I guess it makes sense that we would embrace and perpetuate a tradition that encourages spontaneous human engagement.

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Something about meeting under the mistletoe still appeals to me though and I do think, particularly in the 21st century where much of our communication is done through screens, that a practice like this one can take on a whole added level of connectedness.

We flit past each other in hallways all year, rushing off to our next big meeting or commitment, that maybe during this season something as simple as a moment under the mistletoe, can be quite refreshing? So, here’s the fun, little experiment I’m going to conduct in the office.

Can a space of intentional interaction inspire people to stop and connect for a bit?

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Some say that for each kiss a berry was to be picked and when no more berries grew, the mistletoe had lost its ‘kissing power’.

The folklore around mistletoe is all very interesting and the general celebration of peace, not anger and the sharing of affection is indeed a warm, fuzzy tradition to continue.Well, if it’s an office party, the first one would have to be: Unless you want to be doing the “This is your first warning…” tango with Tonya the HR fem-bot, it’s best to keep your lips zipped and your hands in your pockets, mistletoe or no.“This isn’t the time to slide up on someone and sneak in a kiss,” says etiquette expert Elaine Swann.Every year, whimsical traditions like ‘meeting under the mistletoe’ are introduced a new as festive season frivolity picks up.It’s all fun and games but I just can’t help wondering why we so enthusiastically encourage the stolen kisses from friends, awkward uncles and colleagues around Christmas?Legend has it that the plant was given into the care of the goddess of Love who decreed that anyone who passed beneath it must share a kiss to celebrate the plants new emblem of love, not hatred.