decent 1530s, "proper to one's station or rank," also "tasteful," from M. I mean the mounted and disreputable portion, not the decent infantry. That kind of folks never do get killed; it's the decent ones.To explain what is meant by flexible and stiff as applied to a bit, we will describe the matter.


The Assistant Commissioner had stood up also, slender and flexible.

She had a long, flexible white neck, and the pose of her head was charming.

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The second is the child that wholly believes in magic and gulps at the treasures it holds.

The final and third character is the magician, the persuader, the one that keeps on exclaiming that the supposed magic that he is doing is without any deception and pure without a speck.

One wonders how much the story revealed the experiences of the author as someone whose third language was English. The story was interesting because there were a series of contrasts between three figures in relation to magic.

However, one wonders if the outsider’s acceptance and love of English is not something that is more troubling than the rejection that this outsider would face in this land of unaccommodating, cold and narrow-minded individuals. The first is the man that does not at first believe in magic but begins to wonder if there is anything in it.

I walked back home through the park in the twilight and then stopped by the library after having taken a detour.