We now have more than 213,072 microfinance members and 102 branches of the small enterprise programme.

In 2017, we contributed to alleviating poverty through our ultra-poor graduation initiative for youth.

L'entreprise est soupçonnée d'avoir fait travailler des chauffeurs routiers venus des pays de l'Est (Pologne et Roumanie, notamment), qu'elle paie donc moins cher que leurs collègues français.

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The police arrest sex workers, they rape sex workers, they have sex with sex workers forcefully and then later, if we want to get out of prison when we are arrested, we have to pay a bribe.

Our operations in Uganda have grown to 159 branches across 80 districts.

Through this programme, we provide assets to young people facing financial hardship and train them to improve their livelihoods and achieve their economic and social goals, thus lifting themselves out of extreme poverty.

Additionally ,we partner with the Master Card Foundation to implement a scholarship programme that aims to assist 5,000 academically gifted yet financially disadvantaged students to access quality secondary education.

With over 200 staff attorneys and an extensive network of cooperating attorneys, we handle thousands of cases each year on behalf of clients whose rights have been violated.

Current Court Battles Our legislative advocates are a constant presence in federal and state governments, working with policy makers to ensure the necessary laws exist to protect our civil rights.

Pour une personne morale, l'amende encourue en cas de travail dissimulé peut se monter à 225.000 euros.

Zen’to effectue une étude sur le monde du transport et la réduction des émissions de CO2.

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We also operate play labs to develop children’s cognitive, physical, emotional, and social well being through play.