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They begin smiling, touching, and joking almost immediately, usually with a plan to get the girls dancing as quickly as possible.

Their initial game is heavily based on the physical.

A Turkish religious body has come under fire for suggesting that girls as young as nine could marry.

An online glossary posted by Turkey's state religious affairs body - effectively headed by Tayyip Erdogan - sparked a public outcry, including calls for an inquiry and the dismantling of the organisation.

Diyanet previously caused an uproar by suggesting a father could lust after his daughter in an online fatwa, which was also quickly retracted.

In other rulings, the Diyanet has said Muslims cannot marry non-Muslims and that engaged couples cannot be left alone or hold hands.

Turkish men understand that the true value of foreign women, especially from the West, is to serve as sex dolls.

They don’t insult these girls or call them names, but through their actions, they make it clear that sex is the goal on their mind.

Many of them dance surprisingly well, practicing for years as teenagers to Turkish music until making the switch to more mainstream house and hip hop.