Levesque was trained by Killer Kowalski in Massachusetts. He made his professional debut in wrestling in 24th of March, 1992.

He had started participating in bodybuilding competitions after finishing his high school in 1987. He has frequently changed his ring names throughout his career. The first title for Levesque came in July 1992, where he won International Wrestling Federation(IWF) Heavyweight Championship by defeating Mad Dog Richard.

In 1998, Triple H suffered a knee injury and eventually left Generation X.

But when the Helmsley character found out she was not really pregnant, he dumped her during Monday Night RAW and the marriage story line ended in a divorce.

This on-screen marriage translated into “insane chemistry” in real life according to Stephanie. and it was supposedly “strictly taboo” for them to date in real life.

He also had affair with WWF wrestler Chyna back in the late 90s. It was revealed that, in 2013, Levesque earned about $1.5 million by combining his salary as a wrestler and an officer.

It is estimated that Levesque has a net worth of about $25 million.

His yearly income was around $2.6 million in 2015 and has increased to $4 million in 2018. He has several cars such as GMC Yukon XL, Mercedes, Toyota Land Cruiser, and also has his own private jet worth $9 million He has won 13 world championship titles as "Triple H".

Also praised for his good physique, Levesque stands 6 ft 4 inches tall and weighs 116 kg.

17, 2002 Host: Howard Stern Report by Mike Lano, correspondent Editor's Note: If you are easily offended, you may want to reconsider reading the following transcription of Stephanie Mc Mahon's appearance on this morning's Howard Stern radio show.

We figure that if it's tame enough to pass the FCC's regulations, it's safe enough for us. Also, this is just a paraphrased summary of what was said, not exact wording. Stern: You don't want him to disown you, so you help write some of the scripts, and you have wrestled.

From 2010, Triple H did wrestling for part-time basis only.