And on top of that, everyone has conflicting schedules, so in the beginning was it tough to get people on board?

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You can’t fall on the dirtbike side of it and get up. The moto side is more perfected, more extended and more energy every single show.

We’ve gotten better with this airbag covered in wood, so it does give a little bit more. On the Giganta-Ramp side, it’s completely different.

And we knew we got to go to Australia and thought it would be a lot of fun.

We thought, ‘Maybe people will like it, maybe they won’t, but either way, it’s a great live experience’. People showed up, and it sold out – and they were screaming at the end of the show.

So, that’s been the biggest adjustment, [it] was the idea of just ‘send it, we don’t care’ because Jolene [Van Vugt] at the first show, she crashed, got up, crashed again, got up and had to straighten her bars out and the crowds waving, they’re like, ‘Alright, next,next,next’ and she’s like, ‘No, f— you, I’m landing this thing!

’ and it was like a 25-minute segment that was supposed to take three and a half minutes and our show went like four hours that night – which was like, way too long, but we were all having an awesome time.With 17 X Games medals under his belt, it’s safe to say Travis Pastrana is an authority on all things extreme sports.The 32-year-old Maryland native has tried a multitude of sports over the course of his career, perfecting tricks that have never been seen, all while continuing to take it one step further.Most of the guys said they’d take no pay because they want to be with the best and they want to ride with the best.If you want to try a trick that has never been tried and you want a different ramp, we can facilitate that.There were so many crashes, it was a messed up show.