now: His October 3 birthday finds him hitting the half-century mark.

Coincidentally enough, 50 isn't just his age but also the number of tattoos he's estimated to have accumulated, give or take a few garishly colorful dragons, skulls, cheetahs, or ex-wives." data-reactid="19" now: His October 3 birthday finds him hitting the half-century mark.

One button says "reset," and the other says "kill." To hear him explain it, he literally pushes these, for symbolic purposes, when life is getting to him. "I concentrate on what effect I want it to have, and push the button. It's huge—I only blast that one when someone needs to die and I can't do it myself because I don't want to spend the rest of my life in jail… It's what I do when I'm hung over, tired…

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Right below that is the Hindu "ohm" symbol, also seen permanently etched into the bodies of fellow spiritual seekers like Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens. And if anyone needs a BUTTON PUSHINGLee has a couple of other tattoos that provide a go-to in moments of stress.

On the inside of his left elbow, he has two switches, or buttons, that he had put on when he was visiting a tattoo artist with his late pal Dimebag of the group Pantera.

"'He got a tattoo of my lips on his neck," Garcia said in 2006, "but I knew all along he was still in love with Pamela."His first love was also immortalized in ink.

It was the cartoon mouse also famously beloved by Andy Kaufman.

He said Pam's maternal alteration to their shared sacred symbolism "upset me so much that I later had my wedding tattoo removed.

I just wanted to get that s--- off my finger and change my life."[Related: Chris Brown's New Tattoo Looks A Lot Like Rihanna]" data-reactid="38"MAYTE'S LIPLOCK STAYS PUTLee was engaged to Prince's dancer/ex-wife, Mayte Garcia, from 2001-2003.

A fellow band member was with him, offering moral support. "Nikki Sixx was definitely the guy that kicked off tattoos in Motley," he said.

"I didn't know anybody with tattoos other than him.

BOYS WILL BE BRACELETSIs there anything more sentimental than getting "Mom" inked on your bicep?

Only if it's involves immortalizing your affection for your kids.

Younger readers, check this out—back then, most rock bands didn't have tattoos."MAYHEM VS. Was Lee trying to be purposely ironic when he juxtaposed "mayhem" with these symbols of peace and tranquility, or is their proximity a coincidence of epidermal real estate? Also representing tranquility—as well as the power of orange—is a koi fish on his left arm.