Hence came a whole category of orders justly considered apocryphal.

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Military Orders The oldest of these, the Knights Templar. After barely a century of existence, they were suppressed by Clement V ; but two remnants remained after the fourteenth century, the Order of Christ in Portugal, and the Order of Montesa in Spain.

In the twelfth century Portugal had borrowed their rule from the Templars and founded the Portuguese Order of Aviz.

No trace is to be found in the "Bullarium romanum" of the order called the Wing of St.

Michael, attributed to King Alfonso I of Portugal (1176), nor of the Order of the Ship, which St.

Louis was supposed to have founded on the eve of the crusade to Tunis where he died (1270), nor of that of the Argonauts of St.

Nicholas, attributed to Charles III, King of Naples, 1382.

John, whom it followed to Cyprus after the evacuation of Palestine.

Its existence is attested by the Bullarium of Alexander IV and John XXII ; beyond this it has left but little trace except a church of remarkable architecture, St. Better known is the history of the Schwertzbr├╝der ( Ensiferi , or Swordbearers) of Livonia, founded by Albert, first Bishop of Riga (1197), to propagate the Faith in the Baltic Provinces and to protect the new Christianity there against the pagan nations still numerous in that part of Europe.

George, which he pretended to trace to Constantine the Great.