Don’t just go out with anyone available, go out with people who you feel you will have things in common with.

We have a better chance of growing when we live with people we aspire to be alike.

And while your married with children friends mean well, they may not be perfectly suited to join your Woohoo Crew.

the dos and donts of dating after divorce-6

Divorce can leave you feeling distinctly lacking in confidence especially if your ex-partner didn’t make you feel good about yourself.

You must remind yourself that your marriage is in the past and what matters now is what the future holds.

Some people want to date lots of people just to have fun and explore the world of dating post-divorce; others want a steady and serious relationship.

Some people look to find their new other half with the intention of re-marrying in the future and some people just want pleasant companionship.

If you’ve wondered about online dating before then why not try it?

Thousands of people worldwide use online dating after divorce to seek out a fabulous new partner and it works!However if you have children and they are of an age where they do understand it’s a good idea to be honest and open so there are no surprises.Remember that they’ve gone through the divorce too.By the same token – be positive about life, and proud of who you are.It is the only way to meet someone truly right for you.If you don’t give yourself a chance, then no-one else will - you deserve to love yourself.