Some people of color simply like to push the boundaries of standard or “vanilla” sexual behavior (as it is called in the lifestyle).In fact, there is a growing community of those of us actively engaging in BDSM.Some may seek a spicier sex life or kinkier way of living.

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Sadomasochism is a term derived from the writings of French aristocrat Marquis de Sade and Austrian writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, which details sexual activities that involve deriving pleasure from causing pain or being on the receiving end of such painful inflictions, respectively.

Kinkier activities might include erotic asphyxiation, being tied up and blindfolded, spanked with a paddle or tantalized with the sting of a whip.

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In poly-relationships, there can be more than one dominant or submissive partner.

There are various levels of submission, dominance and power exchange, and a multitude of reasons people choose to engage.We, too, have proudly chosen to incorporate certain sexually alternative behaviors into our lives that allow us to freely express ourselves and indulge in kinkier pleasurable acts.Black BDSMers see ourselves as different, yes, but different ain’t bad. To go deeper (pardon the pun), BDSM is the broad term for a sexual lifestyle wherein informed adults discuss, negotiate and consent to their roles and participation in activities generally based on hierarchical relationships.Most D/s relationships are based on agreed-upon rules that set the protocol for the relationship.The dominant partner is in control; the submissive partner submits and adheres to the will, control and power of the dominant partner.People can connect with new family members and reconnect with old ones.