Cooperation can also be taking turns with who is on top in the bedroom.

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On the subject of making the other person happy, don't be shy about discussing sex after the act. If you need help with keeping up the house but your spouse works full time, ask for help.

Ask things like "Did you like it when I...", "Did something feel different this time? Maybe they can take the trash out, or clean out the litter box, or put all the dirty clothes in the hamper.

) and we always ask "What can I do better/different?

"By asking those questions, we have been able to resolve issues before (mostly) they came to a head and we exploded.

If you are better at handling the money and sticking to a budget, do it!

That's your strength, and when every team mate plays to their strengths, the team becomes stronger! Compromise I hate that my husband smokes, so he doesn't smoke in my car or in the house.John Gottman, a professor of psychology who specialises in marital stability is able to predict with 93.6 per cent accuracy whether a couple is going to divorce, according to a 1992 study.He doesn’t do this just using guesswork – instead when he observes couples he looks for specific indicators that suggest there are problems in the relationship that could lead to divorce.Let the other person win an argument once in a while.Don't demand to always go where you want to eat.", "Next time, would you try...", "Is there something I can do better ..longer? How will you know if that little trick you did with your tongue was pleasant or made them uncomfortable unless you ask? Things like that are a HUGE help to the one that stays home.