The husband, played by Barry Stokes, offers himself as a handyman for hire and finds to his dismay that the local wives want a rather different kind of service from him. " data-medium-file=" w=230&h=300" data-large-file=" w=421" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-1373" src=" w=230&h=300" alt="762885AP" width="230" height="300" srcset=" w=230&h=300 230w, w=115&h=150 115w," sizes="(max-width: 230px) 100vw, 230px" / In the role of the policeman’s wife, Alexandra Dane: And as ‘the Redhead’, the non-redhead Valerie Leon: Despite this fine cast, it isn’t a movie that’s likely to edify anybody, even about the craft of film-making…

But in the meantime, as Maisie, she has to reveal to him, as Bob, that she is doing for the local husbands what he has been trying to avoid doing for the wives. Bob’s difficulties arise when, swamped with callouts from desperate housewives, he hires a ‘junior’, played by the 1970s ubiquitous comedy geriatric, Harold Bennett (best known as Young Mr Grace in Are You Being Served).

Suddenly the demand for his services dries up and his former lady clients set out to make trouble for him.

Before I talk in detail about my favorite, I’m going to introduce all six spankings, juxtaposing (and sometimes contrasting) images from the movie with text from the novelization… written by the director himself, John Sealey – a man of relatively little experience as a film director, though he did work as the production manager of the 1970 film version of There’s a Girl in My Soup, in which Peter Sellers threatens to spank Goldie Hawn.

The first sign that we’re in for some fun comes when a group of village wives are discussing the fact that there’s a new maid at the manor.

What it also means is that – since we aren’t dealing with an oldfashioned squire exercising droit de seigneur over the village wives’ bottoms – only a small group of girls get spanked …

not including any of the ladies mentioned so far, you’ll no doubt be disappointed to hear.

Never mind, because there’s not long to wait before we get to see: Spanking # 1: Not Such a Scary Shower Scene The slap of masculine hand on feminine bottom echoes in the shower room, amid the steam and hiss of the water.

The Squire is having his usual morning slap-and-shower with his wife.

This becomes a small running gag in the movie, and even more so in the novel, as we shall see…

Olivia Syson plays Mrs Bullsworthy (not Anouska Hempel as is sometimes claimed) and this is her only known acting work. but then, she later told a reporter that she only took the job in order to make money to keep a gigolo!

Spanking # 2: An Alternative to Fox Hunting So Bob the Handyman is due to pay Prudence Bullsworthy a professional visit. But one person he does catch is a schoolgirl anti-bloodsports campaigner he found in the bushes during a fox hunt.