The conversation started with my guest blog on Simply Solo (In Defense of the Beta Man) continues to inspire me with more thinking on the subject and wanting to continue digging into the issue. It may hurt, but really it’s a good thing cause she’s a bitch and you are better off.

Last week I wrote The Friend Zone, and got some more great feedback and expanded on some themes. Average case: She is flattered, but not interested. We have a biological cycle that does effect our attraction.

With Alpha men, that pre-date period is extremely compressed and .

It involves looks, chemistry, moves, what have you– attraction that’s immediate.

A Beta man hasn’t yet had the opportunity to show off the qualities that he hopes you’ll be interested in hanging that framework on.

Once he’s shown those to you, that’s when he’ll actually “make the move” and ask you out for a real date.

For the Beta man, those qualities aren’t something a woman can always see right away.

He needs a chance to show her, he needs time and opportunity to make his case.It is a different time now, with all the internet dating etc.I have no idea why the Beta men here are hard to find. While I was pondering how to respond to her, I think I may have solved the puzzle of the mating habits of Beta men. When a single man meets a woman he’s interested in, the first thing he’s got to figure out is a way to make a connection, and that requires presenting the object of his desire with something about himself that’s worth her time.” Yes, they are– but dates in the modern age are typically about getting to know someone within the framework of a romantic and/or sexual attraction that’s already been established.I don’t think too many dates happen now unless there’s an actual spark or potential spark.If it’s taking too long, feel free to give him a nudge, but know that he will get to it.