Now sources claim that Taylor will not be making the same mistakes and has "learned from the past". He’s private and low-key." They added to People that the pair are "on the same page on how to handle the attention".The source explained: "She wanted to get to know him without any chaos. Another reason that Selena Gomez’s best friend is said to be keeping a low profile in general is that she is focusing on new music.I WAS JUST TRYING TO LOVE YOU AND NOW YOU OWE ME 40 MILLION DOLLARS.” Well played. Click through the gallery below: Read more: We need to talk about Taylor Swift’s new video.

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"Taylor's been quietly recording new music for a couple a months. She knows there’s a demand for a new album and has really started focusing on making that happen for fans." They continued: "She’s just excited to get back out there.

She has had some much-needed time off." After releasing his second album he took some time out to go travelling in Australia.

However an insider has revealed that the pair bonded away from the studio over their mutual dislike for Katy’s enemy and Calvin’s former girlfriend Taylor Swift, 27.

A source said: “At first Katy and Calvin were strictly professional.

But then Katy brought up Taylor, and Calvin was more than happy to vent. “From that point on, the duo dished nonstop about “ow annoying it is that Taylor is always made to be a victim.

They both agreed that she’s a total fake.” Taylor and Calvin dated for 13 months before she suddenly dumped him to begin an ill-fated and very public three-month relationship with Night Manager actor Tom Hiddleston, 36.

For a brief, glorious interlude in 2009, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner dated each other, giving us all the chance to bask in the idea of Taylor, squared.

Alas, as most celebrity relationships are wont to go, it ended after plenty of media coverage, and in keeping with her brand, it inevitably spawned a song on her album, co-stars, Lea Michele and John Stamos coaxed Lautner to open up about how he really felt about his time with Taylor and more importantly, what he really thought of the song she wrote about him.

I’m going to hang out with my friends and then I go home to the cats.”) As she reflects in her hit song ‘Shake It Off’, Swift has a reputation for ‘going on too many dates’: her list of exes includes such notable names as Harry Styles, John Mayer and Taylor Lautner, and she’s written songs about all of them. Taylor has been the subject of many hilarious rumours over the years, including that she insured her legs for million.

With excellent humour, Swift posted this image on Instagram with the caption, “GREAT WORK, MEREDITH.

She has had some much-needed time off." The publication further claims that her decision was inspired by pal Ed Sheeran, who recently returned to the spotlight with his smash hit albums Divide.