How they met is a solitary tale of the devastating impact of lies.

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Later that year, their son Mark was born but by then James’s fraught relationship with his mother Carmel was nearing breaking point. He had left the family home when James was about 10 or 11 years old, and so strained was their relationship that the young boy was relieved when his father walked out the door.

However, last Christmas James decided to put aside the past hurts and visit his mother.

But things were very different for the brother and sister who wed last week.

The brother and sister who knew that they were defying the law by joining together in matrimony.

At one stage during what was the briefest of ceremonies, James and Maura’s father became so overcome with emotion that he had to absent himself from the proceedings.

And afterwards, Maura admitted that it was not the wedding day she had dreamed about ever since she was a little girl playing dress-up.

DNA tests confirmed the truth and further disturbing information then emerged.

During her brief relationship with Tom, Carmel became pregnant and when the couple went their separate ways, she did not tell her boyfriend that she was expecting his child.

Of course, their wedding day had to be kept as a somewhat low-key affair.

There was no church, no function and no amusing tales of how the lovers’ paths crossed.

And it was while chatting with her son about his girlfriend that Carmel began to piece together the shocking information which would have devastating implications.