I'm a DBA and new to administering Share Point databases.

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The goal of this clinical research study is to compare the response rates of patients receiving decitabine alone, decitabine with carboplatin, and decitabine with arsenic trioxide in patients with AML or MDS.

Study Drug Administration: Every 4 weeks is a study cycle.

For managing Share Point content databases, you have two options available in Windows Server 2008: The Share Point 2010 Management Shell is installed automatically by Share Point; you can find it in the Microsoft Share Point 2010 Products program group.

The user interface is pretty much like the Command Prompt; it is simple and effective.

On Day 28 of Cycle 3 ( /- 3 days), you will have a bone marrow aspirate and biopsy to check the status of the disease.

After that, you will have bone marrow biopsies/aspirations when the doctor thinks it is needed.

Carboplatin is FDA approved and commercially available for the treatment solid tumors.

The study drug or study drug combination you receive on this study are considered investigational.

To show information about all databases in the farm, run the Get-SPContent Database cmdlet without any parameters.