This information is added into Salesforce and can then be published directly on the site.The advantage of this solution — aside from being one interface for employees to use — is that deal information and assets are accessible within the cloud for future access or for reference.

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Serving more than 250 markets worldwide and boasting more than 35 million users, Groupon is the poster child for a rapidly growing company.

We spoke with Ryan Miller and Chris Bland from Groupon about how the company has managed to scale its business so quickly and with such agility.

Moreover, because Groupon chose to use established companies like Amazon and, supporting the growing business was less of a concern than might otherwise be the case. Groupon actually uses Salesforce and its platform to power the deals that make up the site.

Salesforce was chosen not just because of the company's experience in supporting large business types — scale is important here — but because of the types of tools that can be integrated or built-on-top of the platform.

This can reduce the number of steps required to enter in merchant information and deal details.

Salesforce's Google Apps integration also allows Groupon to associate customer information with an account and a specific offer.Groupon uses EC2 and S3 to power parts of its website and backend — finding solutions that can work with what is already in place is a key part of being able to scale quickly.Model Metrics also helps provide report generation and better analytics and measurement services.Brother’s Inkjet All-in-One printers are loaded with powerful business features, including 11"x17” duplex printing and scan glass.Tell us how 11”x17” capabilities will help you achieve your bigger picture for a chance to win a ,000 business grant. Since launching in late 2008, deal-of-the-day website Groupon has emerged as one of the hottest web startups on the planet.Rather than relying on its own complex internal systems infrastructure, Groupon uses tools like and Amazon EC2 and S3 to keep the site powered and deals flowing.