They hold 25 civilians hostage and after a series of negotiations a police unit storms the back.All three cadres are killed including two civilians.

The 1980s witnessed a convergence of forces that saw the collapse of the apartheid government.

There was a marked increase in attacks launched by the ANC through its armed MK inside South Africa.

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“Within an hour of those pictures going online I received several calls from strangers including journalists who asked for interviews, but I turned them down because the car was not finished yet,” he said from his lavish home, Sowetan quotes.

But perhaps with the release of my father, there could be an alternative to the bloodbath.”20 April, Mounting protests by Coloured students against the educational and political system escalate further.

Representatives of more than 60 Coloured high schools, teacher training colleges and the University of the Western Cape (UWC) resolve to continue their boycott of classes.21 April, The Coloured students boycott is widely observed by approximately 100,000 students from 70 schools for three weeks.In response, the government initiated and escalated attacks on neighboring states, targeting mainly ANC safe houses and individual activists.The formation of the United Democratic Front (UDF), COSATU and Mass Democratic Movement (MDM) piled pressure on the government inside South Africa as massive strikes, boycotts and township protests increased.The front lights are from an Audi TT coupé he owned.The electronic system is connected to his cellphone. It also automatically starts its engine when the battery is running low,this is according to Sowetan.The attacks result in million in damages to fuel storage tanks.6 June, Dr.